Z.P.U Dorota Śleziak, Mirowszczyzna 36, 46-325 Rudniki, phone.: +48 34 344 85 85 | Trade office: Kraków Vetulaniego 1a, phone./fax: +48 12 626 03 43

About us

Z. P. U. Dorota Śleziak, manufacturer of SAYART brand, has been producing picture frame mouldings for more than 15 years.

During that period we have been developing our machinery and producing more and more moulding and frame lines.
Our experience and machinery enables us to produce any types of moulding of very good quality at competitive prices.

Our offer includes broad range of picture frame mouldings (mouldings on pinewood or exotic wood, varnished, laminated and ornamented).

In contacts with our customers we strive for fairness and loyalty and the satisfaction of our customer is our priority.
Our traders and forwarding companies collaborating with us will deliver our products to any place in Poland or Europe quickly and efficiently.